When do I have to order by?

All orders have to be placed online by noon on Friday.

When will the food be delivered?

Orders will be delivered between 6-9pm on the Monday following the order.

Can I cancel my order?

Customers can cancel orders before noon on Friday but not after that. If you would like to cancel your order before noon on Friday, please email us at team@somafare.com.

Can I gift an order to someone else?

Yes, absolutely. You can place the order on the website and have it delivered to the address of the gift recipient. SomaFare can be a great food gift for new parents, a family caring for a loved one, or anyone else going through a busy time that wants to eat well.

How is this different from takeout?

I founded SomaFare because there wasn’t takeout available for the types of food I wanted to feed my family for dinner. I wanted wholesome, gourmet-ish dishes like roasted meats, roasted vegetables and high-end grains, not pizza/burgers/noodles for dinner every night. Many of these dishes require a longer lead time (meats need to brine, roasting takes longer than frying) so a lot of lower-end restaurants cannot turn these orders around fast enough. The only places that serve this type of food were at upscale restaurants that most people can’t afford to eat at every night. SomaFare incorporates advance ordering, chilled/ ready-to-heat meals, and delivery to get you the tasty and wholesome meals that you would cook for your family if you had the time.

Do you deliver to my neighborhood?

Below is a list of the zip codes currently within our delivery radius.
02115, 02116, 02118, 02119, 02120, 02121, 02122, 02124, 02125, 02126, 02127, 02130, 02131, 02199, 02215, 02445, 02108, 02109, 02110, 02111, 02113, 02114, 02128, 02129, 02132, 02134, 02135, 02136, 02138, 02139, 02140, 02141, 02142, 02143, 02145, 02163, 02169, 02170, 02171, 02186, 02201, 02210, 02446, 02459, 02467, 02026, 02090, 02140, 02144, 02148, 02149, 02150, 02151, 02155, 02184,02445, 02453, 02458, 02460, 02461, 02464, 02465, 02466, 02467, 02468, 02472, 02474, 02476, 02478, 02492, 02494

Where is your food made?
SomaFare meals are produced at Commonwealth Kitchen, a shared commercial kitchen at 196 Quincy St, Dorchester, MA.

Do you deliver every week of the year?
We deliver every Monday of the year with the exception of the following upcoming holidays:

  • Monday November 19, 2018 (week of Thanksgiving)
  • Monday December 24, 2018 (week of Christmas)
  • Monday December 31, 2018 (week of New Year’s Day)