How it works

SomaFare’s mission is to help busy families eat well every day. We have tried to make this as easy and affordable as possible. Our service works as follows:

  • Each week, we release a menu of 5 entrees and sides that are delicious, wholesome and made-from-scratch. No meals are repeated within a eight-week cycle.¬†We use recipes from top cookbooks like Ottolenghi and Flour as well as blogs such as New York Times Cooking – those that parents wish they had time to cook each night and aren’t usually available as take-out
  • Orders are due by noon each Friday through our website and are delivered to the address you specify between 6-9p on the following Monday. See our FAQs for the zip codes we deliver to
  • Meals come fully cooked, chilled and ready-to-heat. They can be reheated right away for eating or stored in your refrigerator to be reheated and consumed up to five days from the cook date
  • There is no subscription and customers can order as little or as much as they would like each week. However, the intention is that customers order meals for most of the week so that they can get home, reheat a meal and sit down to eat faster than cooking or even ordering takeout. Most of our customers order 3-4 meals worth of food each week