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Home cooked meals delivered in Boston

Sad about doing dishes
Spend less time cooking and get homestyle meals delivered

The home-cooking delivery service trend has arrived in Boston! These services offer convenient and relatively affordable access to food that’s good for you. Eating pizza and burrito takeout for the third night in a row is a thing of the past.  Home-cooking delivery consists of fresh and wholesome food, and even those who don’t have time or energy to spend on cooking can enjoy a delicious meal. Many places offer rotating menus, which means more variety without spending mental energy on meal planning or even trying to pick out what to eat from an endless menu. It’s also healthier than ordering take-out because these services tend to focus on high-quality proteins and vegetables rather than fillers like refined carbs.  That way, you can make healthier options, and pre-packaged meals are perfect for portion control. Some specific benefits of services like include:

Being relatively affordable

While prices can run the gamut, there are certainly more affordable options that don’t cost much more than fast food. At, a dish of roasted chicken plus a vegetable side runs under $15 per serving and is far healthier than most fast food options at that price.

There are plenty of good food options

Home-cooking delivery services are stepping up the culinary standard for prepped-meals. You can get dishes inspired by cuisine from all over the world.  Many places offer rotating menus, so you don’t have to flip through pages of menus to make a decision and you won’t get repeated food options for a while. You can still get simple meals like meat and veggies, but you can also switch things up and get Korean chili-braised brisket.

It works especially for those with dietary restrictions

Dietary restrictions are the new black, and since people are wearing them everywhere, the food industry is adapting. A few years ago, it was hard to go into a restaurant and find many gluten free, dairy free, vegan, or vegetarian options. Today, you can get a full menu delivered to you weekly that accommodates any and every restriction you may have. Whether you’re on a vegan roll, watching your salt, banning MSG from your diet,  or trying to reach weight loss goals, you’ll find the right service that caters to your needs. Many services, like Somafare, have a number of allergen-friendly dishes for you to easily pick which dish best fits your lifestyle.

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