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6 Tips for Managing Your Home Kitchen More Effectively

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Keep yourself happy in the kitchen

Ever feel overwhelmed by a disorganized kitchen? We have some advice to help keep your home kitchen more organized and functional. Restore your sanity, improve your cooking productivity and even save money by managing your home kitchen more effectively. Here are six top tips:


  1. Clean as you cook


It’s always a good idea to “clean as you go,” washing dishes and wiping surfaces as you’re cooking, or waiting for water to boil, or letting the pan heat up. This helps minimize the clean up you have to do after. You can also be strategic about the order of your cooking so that you can minimize dishes – for example, chop all the vegetables first before the raw meat so that you don’t have to wash the cutting boards, knives and storage containers until you are done.


  1. Deep clean your kitchen on a regular basis

It’s handy to have disinfecting wipes for those nights you need a quicker clean-up, but every week, or every few weeks (depending on how often you cook), take some time to clean and sanitize your counters, wipe your stove, clean out the fridge and scrub your sink. You can use heavier cleaning products to rid your kitchen of germs and other food-borne bacteria. Finish it off by sweeping and mopping the floors, but take care to use the proper floor cleaner (wood or tile) to prevent damages.


  1. Cut down on clutter by investing in some organizing containers and shelves

Managing your home kitchen will be significantly easier if your kitchen is tidy – and it’s easier to keep things tidy if everything has its place. Resist the urge to throw all your utensils just into the drawer. Invest in some compartments like these that can organize your silverware within the drawer into forks, knives and spoons for example. Free-standing shelves like these can both organize and create more space in your cabinets.


  1. Invest in Good Quality Kitchen Tools and containers

Invest in a select number of high-quality kitchenware and resist the urge to create clutter by buying too much low-quality kitchen appliances that just take up counter space and don’t add much value. Everyday cookware like pots and pans, knives and sharpeners, cutting boards, thermometers, and blenders are worth the splurge. Good quality tools can also help save you precious cooking time. If your knife is sharp, chopping veggies is a breeze. Investing in higher quality tools can help save money in the long run, as you don’t need to replace or repair the tools as often.


  1. Prep for Meals in Advance

A pro tip that helps keep your home kitchen functional and manageable is prep work. Restaurants would not run as smoothly as they do without major prep done by the kitchen staff, hours before the restaurant opens. Applying similar prep tactics to your weekly menus that a restaurant uses to stay in business will ensure your kitchen runs most efficiently. Season meats and let them marinate in the fridge for maximum flavor. Chop and freeze fruits and veggies to save time on juicing, sauteing or baking. Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re cooking, having a few favorites in the freezer prepped and ready to go can relieve a lot of weeknight dinner stress. Implementing time-saving prep work into your culinary routine can help you navigate your home kitchen smoothly.


  1. Repurpose Leftover Foods

A lot can be done with your leftovers that can save precious cooking time in the future and also helps eliminate food waste. Reheating leftovers is as simple as dinner can get, but if eating the same meal is not appealing, you can certainly repurpose your leftovers. Shred leftover meats and use them next day in delicious and hearty soups or stews, or you can put it in Ziploc baggies and freeze it up to a month. A cracked and scrambled egg can turn leftover rice and veggies into a quick fried rice dish in half the time it would take for you to get take out. It might be a good idea to learn how to properly reheat foods to get the most out of your leftovers. Even if it’s just reheating a plate, proper techniques can help you master your home kitchen.

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