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Why Meal Kits Don’t Work for Working Families

Have you heard of meal kit delivery? It’s a service that sends you exact portions of the ingredients you need to make restaurant style meals in the comfort of your own home. In theory, meal kits are a great idea! It helps with meal planning, so it takes the guesswork out of cooking, you get to explore new recipes, and the exact portions (like for 2 or four people) help eliminate food waste. In practice, it’s certainly not as efficient as it can be — say, if you were to get an already-prepared home cooking delivery service, like — at least not for working families. For one, you still have to cook. You also have less flexibility since you’re following a precise recipe. Because of this, you won’t have leftovers, which can come in handy for busy families. Read on for why a meal kit might not be the best choice for you.


  • You still have to cook


Cooking takes additional time, so you’d have to plan that into your schedule. That means meal kits only takes the guesswork out of cooking when you have preexisting kitchen skills, otherwise, you’ll have to spend time additional researching the best techniques to go about each recipe. Another thing to consider when making a dinner decision for your family is that cooking times vary, depending on the condition of the stove or oven, or whichever appliance you choose to use, so you’d have to keep those variables in mind, as well. You already have too much on your mind, try something easy like


  • Less room for flexibility


While many meal kit companies offer an array of different cuisines, giving you the chance to try new recipes and culinary techniques, most of them require you to subscribe. Although these services also make it relatively easy to pause your subscription, it can be a bit of a hassle to remember to notify the company that you’ll be gone. If you don’t remember, you’ll end up with boxes of decaying ingredients left on your front door to greet you when you’ve come home from your vacation or work trip.


  • No Leftovers Food, but Lots of Leftover Packaging


When you place an order for a meal kit, you’re required to pick your serving size based on how many people are eating that meal. The exact portions included in the meal kits means everyone participating in dinner tonight gets to eat, but there are no leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Keep in mind too, that each individual ingredient is prepackaged, which is super convenient for you, but the extra packaging used for each individual ingredient contributes to the ever-growing environmental problem of plastic pollution.  

With a service like Somafare, you’ll get your meals already cooked to perfection. The most work you’ll have to do is heating up your meal. No long recipes, no excessive packaging. Just freshly cooked meals, delivered right to your door! 

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