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Home from vacation and nothing to eat

Hungry and nothing in refrigerator to eat
SomaFare model showing how it sucks to come home to an empty fridge after vacation.

My husband and I just got back from visiting our families for the holidays, and the whole experience of traveling with a 9-month-old was like many experiences with my son, which is to say, very fun and very tiring. The reality that vacations might not be about catching up on sleep, bouncing around from place to place according to our fancy, and eating at interesting new restaurants that may have only bar seating available is another one of those things that I’ve had to just accept as a new parent. Seeing our son experience a lot of new things – dogs! cats! sand! cousins! – was gratifying and wonderful in a new way but it’s definitely not the same as before.

And of course, then there was that moment of getting home at 6:30pm with a tired and hungry child and realizing that there wasn’t anything to eat at home. I actually tried to think ahead on this one and bought some frozen stuff (like the salmon burgers from Costco that I like) that can be prepared relatively quickly. But even salmon burgers take some time to cook on the stove and they need to be constantly monitored, compared to SomaFare which I can pop onto a dish and put in the microwave. It doesn’t need to be constantly monitored like something on the stove, where a minute can be the difference between perfectly crisp and inedible and burnt. And having the flexibility of a minute can mean a lot when you have a baby who might be trying to dive head-first into the bath tub, climb the lamp, or see if they can eat chapstick. So in short, I missed my SomaFare (I’m SomaFare’s #1 customer and if I ever have to close it down, will be its last customer…)

Apparently, some of SomaFare’s customers missed it too because I got a bunch of orders on New Year’s Day, which was a Tuesday (most of the orders usually come in between Wednesday and Friday’s noon deadline).

Glad to be back – first orders for 2019 just went out yesterday and we’re back on our regular schedule. Get that warm, comforting feeling of knowing that your fridge is full of delicious wholesome foods that’s literally takes less than 5 minutes to prep and get your SomaFare order in before Friday at noon!

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