About SomaFare

SomaFare is a company that prepares and delivers gourmet, chilled and ready-to-heat meals for busy families that want to eat well every day. “Soma” is inspired by the Korean word “SonMat”, which loosely translates into “the taste of the cook’s hand”. The phrase acknowledges that there are those who have a special talent for cooking food that nourishes, satisfies and delights. Our logo, a spatula and spoon encircled by a heart, refers to the love and affection many people (including us!) show through feeding others great food. Our mission is to make it easy for every family and individual to eat made-from-scratch, healthy and tasty meals on a daily basis.

We are wholly owned and operated by Vivita LLC, a Massachusetts corporation. For any questions or feedback, please email us at team@somafare.com.

About the Founder

This is Jeanette, SomaFare founder and operator – thanks for checking us out! Like many people who start food companies, I grew up in a family where food was central. My grandmother was a legendary cook and my family sat down to a simple but wholesome and tasty meal every night, no matter what was going on. I inherited this love for good cooking and eating, but as I started working after college, I noticed that it was difficult to eat well while holding down a full-time job. When my husband and I got home from work, we would often turn to our local takeout joint even though it was unhealthy, repetitive and expensive. We tried cooking on the weekends to feed ourselves for the week, but we found that it really took an entire day. With both of us working demanding jobs, we wanted to spend more of our weekend resting and spending time with each other rather than churning out food.

It wasn’t until my mom moved in with us several years ago that things got better. Even getting home at 6, 7 or 8 pm, there was often something delicious in the refrigerator that just needed to be heated up. When I got pregnant, I appreciated my situation even more. Looking around, I realized that everyone could use a refrigerator full of delicious prepared foods. But not everyone can (or wants to 🙂 live with their semi-retired parent who cooks, so I set out to provide a similar service accessible to a wider audience – homestyle, gourmet-ish food that is tasty, wholesome and ready for you to heat up when you get home. I feed my own family SomaFare every week- so you can be assured that it’s cooked to a high standard.

I hope that you enjoy our service – if you have any feedback or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out using our contact form. We are always trying to improve with customer feedback.